Skills, Projects and more

I am a Software Engineer focused on Mobile projects. I design software, lead and guide teams, transforming creative ideas into products for the most different business segments.

I enjoy building beautiful and usable software, exploring and testing new technologies, thinking in intelligent solutions.

Since 2000, I’ve participated in more than 50 projects, and they had brought me some experience in the entire software and product development lifecycle. In this field, I had the opportunity to lead development teams in Mobile, Web, and Backend projects and also perform as Scrum Master, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Software Architect, Technical Leader, Developer, always learning a lot during this process.

I am an enthusiast of agile development methodologies. I enjoy working and learning with UI and UX teams to create great results. I always get excited about innovative projects where new technologies are required. I like to be involved on the decision-making process and design ideas for new products and features.

“Over 1 million people touched a week”. This is the result of some projects I’ve participated in, including apps and platforms from the most diversified business segments: Education and Languages, Transport, Sales, Health, Entertainment, Engineering, Social Networks, Logistics, ERP, Business Intelligence.

For this to happen, some technologies, languages, and tools were used in the process as:

  • Swift, Objective-C, React-Native, Flutter, JavaScript, ShellScript;
  • Experience on Apple application publishing and distribution ecosystem (AppStore, Ad-Hoc, TestFlight);
  • UX/UI Design, Wareframe, Prototyping, UX tools (Sketch, Figma, Affinity Design);
  • Custom View e Controllers, AutoLayout, Storyboards, Xibs;
  • Integration with third-party REST APIs, libraries and services, such as: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Places, Bugsnag, Parse, Flurry;, IMDB;
  • Continuous Integration (CI) on iOS (Fastlane);
  • CoreData, SQLite, RealmDB;
  • SDK Frameworks: MapKit, CoreServices, CoreLocation, Speech Recognition, Photos Framework, CoreAnimation, CoreAudio, AVFoundation, CoreMedia, MediaPlayer, CoreFoundation, UIKit, TextToSpeech, Camera, AirPrint, AirPlay;
  • Apple Push Notification Service e Google Firebase, WebSocket;
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, Fastlane, Jira, Trello, Scrum, MindMaps;
  • alternative