Get ready to Run!


Ready to reach your racing goals?

cycleRun will help you start your training to run your first 5k.

You can also create your own workouts or set a basic workout with one click.

Set your favorite workout goal, improve your health, and get in great shape.

📱 Features

  • Workout Plan: Follow the training program to reach your first 5k in 9 weeks.
  • Custom Workouts: Create your own workouts and customize them the way you want.
  • Voice Coach: Voice instructions and sound reminders for running and walking. Completely configurable so you can choose the most important information for your training.
  • Fixed Goals: Easily start an exercise with distance or duration goals.
  • Free Session: Start a free workout with just 1 click.
  • Alerts and feedback to guide you through your workout.
  • Listen to your own favorite songs and playlists while training and the coach will blend in.
  • All runs are tracked with GPS and stored for future reference.
  • Map your run at the end of your workout!